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4 min readDec 28, 2023

SKARTIO’s Catalog Excellence For Growing Business

In this fast paced era, the significance of ecommerce businesses is crucial. A successful ecommerce business has effective catalog management as its backbone. Without a well organized and maintained catalog management system, achieving success in ecommerce is impractical. In this blog, we will explore how SKARTIO helps businesses to achieve success with their well organized catalog management system.

Understanding the challenges

It is very complex to manage an extensive catalog. This needs to ensure the accuracy of the product details, specifications, pricing and maintaining the real time inventory. This complexity often leads to operational inefficiencies, customer dissatisfactions, and it can affect business growth. Efficiently addressing these challenges can help overcome hurdles and make way for sustained success.

SKARTIO’s role in Effective Catalog Management

SKARTIO, a SaaS platform assists the businesses to effectively manage their catalog and drive them to become a successful ecommerce business. With SKARTIO, businesses can customize and structure their product categories into different levels. This streamlined approach simplifies the catalog management process.

SKARTIO offers different methods of adding products to the catalog : the simple and advanced methods. The simple product method allows businesses to add the product with basic details and images of the product and apply the simple pricing method. On the other hand, the advanced method enables them to provide detailed information like variants, specifications, etc along with the basic details. Additionally, businesses can apply any pricing based on their preference.

Maintaining multiple catalogs is always a challenge for the businesses. However SKARTIO relieves this burden, offering a stress-free and streamlined process. Businesses that use SKARTIO to manage their catalog experience a simplified and non-complex approach that allows them to focus on their core operations and achieve greater efficiencies.

When it comes to product pricing management, SKARTIO supports 5 types of pricing: Simple Pricing, Volume Based Pricing, Policy Based Pricing, Stair Step Pricing and Tiered Pricing.

Simple Pricing:
This type of pricing is a straightforward pricing strategy where business provides a per unit pricing for the product while adding it to the catalog. This approach is easy to understand and implement, making it beneficial for businesses with a clear, standard pricing structure.

Volume Based Pricing:
In this type of pricing strategy, all units are defined the same per-unit cost according to the prevailing price for the quantity. For example: if 2 units costs ₹10 and 3–4 units cost ₹8, buying 3 units will cost ₹24.

Policy Based Pricing: In this type of pricing, the selected and applied policy with the Fixed Charges, Margin and Commission will be added to the unit cost. The fixed charges are the costs that a business charges the sellers, such as the technology cost, implementation cost etc. The margin is the additional amount or percentage that a business adds to the cost of a product when selling it. The commission is the amount that is earned by the business for selling the product.

Stair Step Pricing:
In this type of pricing, multiple price brackets are defined, but the pricing is given as a total cost for the whole bracket instead of per unit costs.

Tiered Pricing:
In this pricing scheme, multiple price brackets define the price at different quantity levels. Prices are given on a per unit basis. Customers will pay the defined price per unit for each allocated unit.

As we have explored in this blog, an effective catalog management system is the backbone of a successful ecommerce business. Accurate product details, real time inventory management and precise pricing demand thorough attention to face the challenges of complexity in extensive catalog management.
The customizable structure and streamlined approach of SKARTIO helps businesses to navigate complexities in multi catalog management and offer a stress-free process.
In catalog pricing management, SKARTIO proves its versatility by supporting five different pricing schemes.
As we conclude, by addressing the challenges and offering innovative solutions, SKARTIO enables the business to succeed in the competitive world of online commerce. As you consider the path to a successful ecommerce business, let SKARTIO be your strategic partner in achieving a well organized, efficient and successful catalog management system.




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